CopayAssistRx for

CopayAssistRx is built to help employees and
their dependents affordably access their
high-cost drugs and specialty medications

The CopayAssistRx solution accesses specific
medications for members through alternate
pathways – many times at little to no cost to
the member and substantial savings to the
plan sponsor.

Case Study
(1,200 employee manufacturing company)

  • Company experiencing revenue pressure and increasing expenses
  • Consultant tasked with lowering medical plan spend
  • Consultant brought in CopayAssistRx to analyze RX spend
  • Analysis found 2% of employees represented 50% of RX spend
  • CopayAssistRx was engaged to deploy our specialty medication services
  • $1.2 million in annual savings generated for the employer
  • Company able to hold premiums flat, while generating bottom line savings for the business

What employer groups do
CopayAssistRx serve?

Employer Groups
In Captives
Employers that
want to control
their costs
Employers that
want to reduce
their drug spend

The CopayAssistRx Difference

Our People

A team with over 70+ years
of experience

Our Programs

Accessing savings of high-cost
medications through multiple

Our Performance

Average client savings
50-70% on high-cost