Help your client reduce
specialty drug costs with

CopayAssistRx is built to help employers
lower their spend on high-cost drugs
and specialty medications.

Case Study
(4,000 member self-funded plan )

  • Specialty drug spend was up 30% year over year
  • Consultant/broker tasked to lower drug spend
  • Analysis identified 60 specialty users drove 60% of spend
  • Consultant brought in CopayAssistRx to analyze drug spend
  • $285,000 monthly savings delivered for employer
  • Minimal disruption to members; ~60+ members assisted
  • ~$3,420,000 annual savings
  • CopayAssistRx advocates improved member satisfaction
  • Employer was able to hold health premiums flat YOY

Experience The CopayAssistRx Difference
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Achieve 50-70% client
Savings with our specialized

Capture competitive
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innovative solutions

Secure your trusted advisor status
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drug savings programs

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drug savings

The CopayAssistRx Difference

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A team with over 70+ years
of experience

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Accessing savings of high-cost
medications through multiple

Our Performance

Average client savings
50-70% on high-cost