Reducing Specialty Costs
One Member at a Time

We get it. High-cost medications are increasing in utilization and price, placing pressure on both employers and members. Our team works with you to identify high-cost medications and apply available savings programs to reduce costs and improve outcomes.

We’re on your side!

How Does the
Program Work?

Partnering with your consultant and benefits team, CopayAssistRx focuses on member satisfaction, while helping the employer and members identify medication savings through alternative channels.

The CopayAssistRx
Advocacy Difference

CopayAssistRx is a non-insurance
solution geared toward addressing
rapidly increasing specialty costs.
Our advocates are passionate about
what they do and who they serve,
and compassionate in their approach.


The CopayAssistRx team are industry
experts in all things releated to
specialty drug cost savings. This
brings unprecedental consistency,
high reliability, and speed to solution.

Check Out Our Results

Small Employer

  • 213 Members
  • Employer Savings

Annual Savings

Midsize Employer

  • 1301 Members
  • Employer Savings

Annual Savings

Large Employer

  • 5703 Members
  • Employer Savings

Annual Savings